A Coding Mastermind!

Betty is a very knowledgeable resource. She provides useful examples and cases. She has a myriad of expertise and specialty knowledge. Betty Hovey is a coding mastermind!

“Love of Learning” Attitude

Betty’s exceptional teaching skills, her warm friendly style and “love of learning” attitude is what sets this course above and beyond all the rest.

Glad I Found You On LinkedIn

Betty you were/are very knowledgeable on this topic and I truly appreciated the practice exercises to help get a better understanding on how to apply/use the new guidelines… I’m glad I found you on LinkedIn for this...

Knowledgeable, Credible, Respected

I admire and look up to the speaker as she is knowledgeable, credible, is known, and respected by many. I enjoy learning from her as she breaks everything down into layman’s terms and makes sure that her students / attendees understand the material that is presented...

Excellent Tools

Betty is an amazing speaker and brings her vast knowledge into her presentation, her workbooks and her courses maintain are excellent sources of information and become excellent tools.
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